«Urological» check-up: on guard of men's health

Гінекологія Check-up
Urological check-up
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You should not be afraid to undergo urological examinations, because it is much scarier not to undergo them. Stress, workload, careless diet — all this can lead to diseases of the genitourinary system. We have collected for you a set of optimal studies that will allow you to detect problems with men's health in time, prevent their occurrence or make sure of their absence.

What is included?

  1. Consultations
    • GP
    • Urologist
    • Online-consultation based on test results
  2. Lab diagnostics
    • Determination of prostate-specific antigen 2 types PSA, FPSA + FPSA/PSA ratio
    • Secretion microscopy
  3. Instrumental diagnostics
    • Prostate ultrasound

Price: UAH 2 920.00

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